Luchtgekoelde warmtepompen 2-pijps verwarmen tot +65 °C

Met deze luchtgekoelde warmtepompen is het mogelijk om een watertemperatuur te leveren tot + 65 °C. In een range van 34 kW en 67 kW verwarmingscapaciteit en een koudemiddel R454c met een zeer lage GWP van 146 is het mogelijk om tot buitentemperaturen tot -20 °C middelgrote gebouwen te verwarmen. Deze warmtepompen zijn uit te voeren met diverse opties zoals ingebouwde circulatiepompen, een buffertank of EC ventilatoren.

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Luchtgekoelde warmtepomp aanvragen

34-67 kW Verwarmen
30-58 kW Koelen
Verwarmen tot 65 °C

CHA/F/ML/WP 102-P÷204-P


THERMICA is the innovative series of high energy efficiency Heat Pumps dedicated to hot water production up to 65 °C and operation up to -20 °C of external air temperature, with Scroll compressors and axial fans. The unit, designed to originate and control – throughout the year – the best comfort conditions in rooms with a high rate of daily attendance, such as enclosed areas destined to the activities of the service sector, autonomously handles winter heating, summer air conditioning and the production of high temperature domestic hot water. The THERMICA series, designed with an extremely compact structure for simple installation operations, uses only the electric energy and the heat accumulated in the air, to transfer heat to the rooms, thus allowing considerable energy savings, a high rate of reliability and the shortest start-up times.

The units are compliant to the ErP Regulation.


  • CHA/ F/ML/WP - Reversible heat pump


  • 34-67 kW Verwarmingscapaciteit
  • 30-58 kW Koelcapaciteit


  • Structure with supporting frame, made of galvanised sheet metal with additional protection provided by polyester powder coating.
  • Scroll compressors with oil sight glass, internal overheat protection and crankcase heater.
  • Axial fans with low ventilation and special wing profile, directly coupled to external rotor motors.
  • Condenser made of a finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins with hydrophilic treatment.
  • Evaporator AISI 316 stainless steel braze welded plates type with one (mod. 102-P) or two independent circuits on the refrigerant side (mod.144-P÷204-P) and one on the water side, completed with flow switch switch and antifreeze heater.
  • R454C refrigerant.
  • The condensing / evaporating control is included: electronic proportional device that ensures efficient and continuous functioning of the unit with outside air temperature down to –20 °C in cooling mode and up to an outside air temperature of 40 °C in heat pump operation. It also allows to reduce the sound level especially at night. It consists of a fans speed controller with continuous speed regulation, an high/low pressure transducer on cooling circuit and an electrical heater on electrical board.
  • Functioning in heating mode with outside air temperature down to -20 °C and up to +40 °C for domestic hot water production in summer.
  • The production of hot water up to 65 °C is reachable with outside air temperature down to -5 °C. With outside air temperature of -20 °C the reachable production of hot water is up to 52 °C.
  • Advanced functions: remote set-point with 0-10V signal, remote set-point with 4-20 mA signal, remote signal for second set-point activation, demand limit from digital input, management of hybrid systems, management of domestic hot water production.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch with door safety interlock, fuses, thermal protection relays for compressors and thermocontacts for fans.